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Our Story 

Owner Rocky Creech has been in the rodeo business most of his life and was a Pickup Man for 20 years until he and his horses went into retirement. Now, the horses live on his 12-acre farm, where they will be taken care of the rest of their lives. 


Over the past few years, Rocky and Jeanna have hosted several weddings and events. Everyone always enjoys being at the ranch because of its charm and laid-back atmosphere. With so many people being interested in our ranch, Rocky and Jeanna decided to turn their horse barn into a rustic wedding venue & more for people to experience it for themselves. Thus, Double C Ranch was born.



Double C Ranch has a very unique story/history that attracts couples, families, and event planners to our venue. Our barn which was once an eight stall horse barn has slowly transitioned over the years into what you see today. Since the very first wedding in our barn after the renovation process we have always had sawdust floors. The atmosphere just isn't right if you aren't dancing on sawdust at the ranch. This picture on the left gives you an idea of what a typical wedding looked like at the ranch in the early stages of renovation. During those days, you would find plastic tables and chairs, a food table down the center isle of the barn, and of course sawdust floors. Only until owner/operator Jeanna had a renewed vision and focus for the ranch. 


Today the ranch has a brand new look and serves clients from Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Benson, Fayetteville, Newton Grove, and surrounding areas. When entering today- you will find farmhouse tables and chairs, wagon-wheel chandeliers, ruff cut wooden walls, rooms for the wedding party to assemble before the big day, full service restrooms, elegant lighting, full service heat and air, and much more. The amenities at Double C Ranch are plentiful and attract couples who desire their big day to be a laid back, rustic atmosphere. The pictures on the right portray what our barn looks like now. However, we are daily updating and adding amenities at the ranch. 


Check us Out Today

You will be sure to find a friendly, laid-back atmosphere when visiting Double C Ranch. Come check out our quaint venue located in the heart of Coats, NC. We proudly serve clients in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Benson,  Fayetteville, Newton Grove, and surrounding areas. 

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